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for the Medical, Insurance & Medicolegal Industry

The Doctor’s decades of extensive clinical experience foster professionalism, gravitas, authenticity, and undeniable credibility, in all subjects medical. As a subject matter expert, The Doctor is the pre-eminent choice for professional, authentic delivery of medical, academic, insurance, legal, pharmaceutical content. 

Professional Service 

As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with professional medical fluency, the Doctor reflects credibility as a specialist in Medical and Surgical Training, Medical Academic E-learning, and Medicolegal education and narration. The Doctor has a natural and confident, authentic, reassuring and attractive vocal quality. Paired with a delivery that is professional and authoritative, the Doctor’s voice is sophisticated, clear and articulate. 

With a clarity of purpose and engaging style that pulls in the listener, The Doctor effortlessly delivers even the most challenging of medical scripts and pronunciations, concepts, technical details and complex theories with precision, confidence and credibility. The Doctor’s clear, concise style successfully engages the listener, ultimately ensuring effective delivery and maximal retention of the material by the target audience. As a medical voice over specialist, The Doctor is always on call and will continually exceed your expectations. Trust the Doctor. 

As your trusted peer provider, we can accommodate rapid turnarounds reliably, while maintaining the highest quality standards of practice. A positive educational experience that engages the listener and drives great outcomes can transform lives. That is our ultimate goal. 

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Voice Over Categories

  • Medical/Surgical explainer
    • Medical/Surgical Procedure explainer 
    • Medical/Surgical device explainer
  • Pharmaceutical explainer
  • Insurance explainer
  • Technical explainer
  • Medicolegal explainer
  • Medical staff patient care explainer 
  • Pharmaceutical patient explainer
  • Patient explainer
  • COVID explainer 
  • Medical tutorial
  • Medical/Surgical tutorial
  • Pharmaceutical tutorial
  • Medical/Surgical narration
  • Pharmaceutical narration
  • Medical/Surgical training
  • Medical procedure training videos for professional staff; support staff
  • Medical protocols training videos for professional staff; support staff
  • Medical equipment training videos for professional staff; support staff
  • Medical/Surgical e-learning
  • Academic e-learning
  • Professional medical e-learning course narration
  • On-line marketing

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Industries / Sectors

  • Healthcare 
  • Hospital 
  • Medical 
  • Medical/Surgical 
  • Insurance 
  • Legal 
  • Medicolegal 
  • Medical Software developers 
  • Medical hardware manufacturers 
  • Technical device manufacturers 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Academic/ Educational 
  • Instructors 
  • Research 
  • Publishers of medical content 
  • Life sciences 
  • Pure and applied Science 
  • Business 
  • Industry – Internal & External 
  • Bid proposals 
  • Governmental approval procedures 
  • Sales presentations & trade shows 


English and French


The Doctor earned her Bachelor of Science Undergraduate degree in Human Physiology at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, her hometown; and completed her Graduate studies in Toronto, Canada, where she earned her Doctoral Degree. The Doctor has worked in cardiovascular research, at the Rappaport Institute for Research in the Medical Sciences, Technion Faculty of Medicine, Haifa, Israel, and has been in clinical practice in Toronto since 1992. 

The Doctor’s education as a voice talent is dynamic and ongoing. She hones her skills through continuing education to stay current and on trend with the industry, enhancing her work as a voice actor. 


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